Why You Should Write Now if You Aren’t Already?

Author's quote on how those who may not feel comfortable speaking in public find writing a way of opening their heart and sharing their opinions

Hey, do you write: a blog, article, or even journal regularly?

If not, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s a fulfilling experience at best. At the least, it can be relaxing. I know because I am living it.

In a short time, it has had a profound impact on my state of mind and well-being. I have found my peace. 

And I urge you to try. If it helps you the way it has worked for me, you’ll be glad you read this piece.

How Writing Helps? 

Writing is fulfilling.

I wish I had continued this habit all my life. I began in my twenties, but I was irregular. I wrote sporadically when I felt strongly. Sometimes it would be one or two a quarter, often it would be less than half a dozen a year.

Exactly 10 years ago, I wrote a first-hand account of my journey on an airplane where my co-passenger was a VIP. It went viral and kept doing the rounds for months. A prominent national newspaper picked it up, removed a line which had a reference to me, used it on its editorial page and for some unknown reason credited it to “an Indian”. Not that I am not an Indian. But I’ve a name. When this was brought to the notice of the publication’s editor-in-chief (who passed away a few months ago), he expressed regret and published an apology.

Though the virality of this piece got me excited briefly, I still continued to write on and off. Much more off, than on.    

Till March 2020.

After Covid-19 induced lockdown, the world around me stood still. The silence was palpable. The air was cleaner. The birds were easily audible. The heat was less intense.

It was the best environment for deep thinking. And a perfect set-up for writing.

I committed myself to write regularly. Which I did. For two months.

When the lockdown was partially lifted, my regularity receded. But I was still more regular than earlier years.

How I wish I had carried on with writing without a break!

But you know it’s never too late.

 In 2022, I decided to make good, time and opportunity lost, through disciplined writing. I devote time to it each morning when I wake up. I try not to get anything between me and my writing. It’s my time with myself. Undisturbed.

It’s the best beginning to the day.

It is blissful. Nothing makes me happier.

Writing clears my head and produces thoughts in a manner that makes complete sense. I know there aren’t too many readers sampling my content. I don’t worry about it. I write because I cherish the process.

I first experienced how much my writing impacted a few readers when I posted an obituary for my eye doctor after he passed away prematurely in 2016. I had seen his photograph published in the day’s newspaper and I was troubled because I couldn’t be there for his Shanti Puja.

This bothered me for the next few days enough to get me to write about my experiences with the good doctor. I did not have a private blog account then, so I opened one on a blog site the same day, just to write this.

Within an hour or two, I received comments and messages from people I did not know. My post had deeply touched them. They searched online and found my post. Google had indexed it because the site was popular.

It was widely shared by friends and family of the deceased. He was loved by everyone who knew him. Such was his personality. My post resonated with all his connections. One friend of his family wrote thanking me for articulating her thoughts in a manner which she couldn’t do. 

I thought to myself if I had attended the prayer ceremony for the good soul, no one would have known I was there. Except for one or two of his staff at best. The good doctor’s family did not know me.

My post left a lasting impact and was the best I could have done. Now, when I think of it, I may not have written and published if I attended the Puja. I was driven to write out of guilt. Because I couldn’t make it.    

The obituary has now disappeared and I republished it here 5 years later   

History repeated itself in 2021 when my colleague of 25 years lost his life to coronavirus and I couldn’t be there to see him off. I wrote this in grief and complete loss.

Later that year, a dear friend of my father passed away. I couldn’t be there for his last rites, so I published this tribute. When I reached his house almost a week later, everyone who was present was talking about what I wrote.   

Much of this is due to the personalities I write about. They are affable, brilliant, charismatic. It’s a headstart that supports my writing. When you write about good souls, the writing appears good. I know because I’ve lived it.

Some of my other blogs about life and leadership connected with readers who do not know me. 

Some readers post on LinkedIn looking forward to my new post every week. I now receive calls and texts from people I know but have not been in touch with for a very long time. The point each one makes is the same: my writing touches their heart. Or helps their mind settle.

Now I sometimes get suggestions and requests to write on topics they want to read. That keeps me going.

When someone takes the trouble of looking you up, sending you a direct message to tell you she enjoyed your piece, sharing your content on social platforms, and offering topic suggestions, you feel responsible.

I no longer write just for myself. I think about the reader more.

I woke up this morning to find a reader expressing a strong connection with what I had expressed in a recent blog post. And that got me writing this piece. He was effusive in his appreciation. I had no clue my writing could resonate so much.

I am no expert. I write what I feel. I write what I experience. I write what I see. And if it connects with readers, it enthuses me to keep writing.

I began writing blogs regularly on WordPress. And started a weekly newsletter on LinkedIn.

I write about experiences I’ve lived and learned from. Nothing gives me more joy than my readers benefitting from them. Some of them have told me so.

I have a small reader base, so much of what I have written is yet to be discovered by a larger audience.

But someday I hope it will.

Not just for my own sake. For the sake of readers to partake in some life learnings which could work for them.

6 Reasons Why You Must Write

I have worked passionately as a producer for more than a quarter century. Hardly anyone outside my industry is aware of what I’ve created. It’s a backroom role and the accomplishments if any, stay within the room. But a handful of my written pieces have managed to get readers to take notice – enough to make the effort to respond and share how they felt reading my piece. 

My dear readers, I urge you to write (those of you who are yet to begin). 

There are many good reasons why you must but I will stick to six:

  1. For me, writing has been therapeutic. It calms me in a manner nothing else does. Once you get into the habit of writing, you will experience what I mean.
  2. Writing allows you to express yourself fully. A practice much needed for healthy mental development. We all need a vent to let out. Our thoughts and feelings get suppressed within us, leading to undesirable outcomes.
  3. If you’re an introvert, writing is the best way to share your stories. Or your views. Consider this: you have a lot to say, your opinions are strong, and you are passionate about issues close to your heart. But you may not feel comfortable speaking about it in public. Writing opens a way to let it out without physically facing the public.
  4. You can even clear misunderstandings through your writing. Or share your side of the story. You don’t need to shout from your rooftop.
  5. You get to document your thoughts, feelings, and experiences forever. It remains on the worldwide web for future generations to get to know you. And the larger world to sample.
  6. If you have something to share which can benefit others, there’s nothing more fulfilling. You may have gained this insight through years of experience or just by chance. But what good is it if it remains within you or limited only to your near ones? When you share, it shows you care. Once you experience the impact of sharing, you will be glad you did.

I can go on and on. But it’s more gratifying when you discover it during the process of writing. So, what are you waiting for?

Write now! 

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