Dismal to Delight in 3 Months, How Things Turn Around?

Do you feel your time’s up in your current workplace? Does it appear you’ve hit a dead-end and there’s nothing you can do to salvage the crisis? And the best recourse is to look out for an opportunity elsewhere.   I felt the same many years ago. My story may help if you are there now. OrContinue reading “Dismal to Delight in 3 Months, How Things Turn Around?”

Why Should Appraisal Only Be Top Down?

Do you join or leave an organisation for its own sake or due to a boss? There is no right or wrong here. Each experience is unique. To generalise would be a fallacy. The overall work culture in the company, how it looks after its employees, plays a big role in shaping the latter’s perspectiveContinue reading “Why Should Appraisal Only Be Top Down?”

Strict or Liberal Boss: Which Type is More Effective?

You have had all kinds of bosses, right? Strict, liberal, etc. Which type is more effective? Bosses fall in two broad categories – strict or liberal. The demeanour of the boss determines how the team conducts itself in her presence or absence. It also impacts the state of mind of the team and how itContinue reading “Strict or Liberal Boss: Which Type is More Effective?”

Organisations WIN when they put PEOPLE FIRST

When employees are happy, companies can leverage the competitive edge arising out of their output and performance. In the last decade, some organisations have recognised the importance of this and have felt the need to have a Chief Happiness Officer. Some companies refer to their CHRO as Chief People Officer with a clear intent of sending the right message. Because when people are happy, impossible is nothing.

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