You Feel You’re a Leader when you may Just Be a Boss

What’s the difference, you may wonder? How many bosses have you had so far? And how many of them have demonstrated leadership through their thoughts and action? While I let you reflect for a few moments and do the math, consider this statement of fact: All leaders can be bosses. But not all bosses areContinue reading “You Feel You’re a Leader when you may Just Be a Boss”

You Can Be “The Good Patient”​ too if Life Throws you a Curveball

Discovering that you have a life-threatening disease can be severely traumatic.

When you are blessed with good health, you take it for granted. You seldom value it.

Till things go wrong.

Then, you struggle to deal with it. Why me, you ask yourself, and others around you. You cringe, cry, and creep into depression.

None of this is unnatural. The bulk of humanity responds in this manner.

Not if you are Rajneesh Singh.

Why Should Appraisal Only Be Top Down?

Do you join or leave an organisation for its own sake or due to a boss? There is no right or wrong here. Each experience is unique. To generalise would be a fallacy. The overall work culture in the company, how it looks after its employees, plays a big role in shaping the latter’s perspectiveContinue reading “Why Should Appraisal Only Be Top Down?”

Why a Leader Should Know When to Let Go

‘Hello Boss, when is a good time to speak to you for a few minutes?’ Most exit conversations start like this. Leaders are often tested when a subordinate broaches the issue of leaving the team. In such cases, there could be two types of exit. One, when a team member decides to quit. And two,Continue reading “Why a Leader Should Know When to Let Go”

Strict or Liberal Boss: Which Type is More Effective?

You have had all kinds of bosses, right? Strict, liberal, etc. Which type is more effective? Bosses fall in two broad categories – strict or liberal. The demeanour of the boss determines how the team conducts itself in her presence or absence. It also impacts the state of mind of the team and how itContinue reading “Strict or Liberal Boss: Which Type is More Effective?”

Leadership Is About Reaching Out When It Matters Most

How much an organisation cares for you can be gauged by how they respond to you when you are in hardship and when you quit.

True Test of Leadership

Make yourself redundant. This is the foremost mantra a leader can choose to follow and perhaps the biggest service one can do to one’s organisation. While some may not fully understand why anyone would do this, those who practice this mantra have come to reap huge benefits for their organisation. Those uncomfortable with this approachContinue reading “True Test of Leadership”

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