Do You Laugh When You Are the Butt of a Joke?

Ever written something you enjoyed that was never published? Many years ago, my friend Subrata Ghosh and I collaborated on an article for our school magazine. We imagined an idea that was fun but risky. Over the years, many articles have praised the school and its teachers. Every year, the magazine would publish one suchContinue reading “Do You Laugh When You Are the Butt of a Joke?”

Be On Time: A Lesson I Learnt Early by Being Late

Are you someone who just can’t help being late? I received a hollering of a lifetime, a month into my first job. I have never been screamed at in the same manner at any other time in my professional career. It taught me an invaluable lesson that has helped me ever since – SHOW UPContinue reading “Be On Time: A Lesson I Learnt Early by Being Late”

If Only You Could DELETE or RESET the ANGER APP inside you…

Do you struggle with your temper?

Do you want to conquer this handicap?

What can you do if you are passing on anger to your children?

Read on…

You Can Be “The Good Patient”​ too if Life Throws you a Curveball

Discovering that you have a life-threatening disease can be severely traumatic.

When you are blessed with good health, you take it for granted. You seldom value it.

Till things go wrong.

Then, you struggle to deal with it. Why me, you ask yourself, and others around you. You cringe, cry, and creep into depression.

None of this is unnatural. The bulk of humanity responds in this manner.

Not if you are Rajneesh Singh.

Strict or Liberal Boss: Which Type is More Effective?

You have had all kinds of bosses, right? Strict, liberal, etc. Which type is more effective? Bosses fall in two broad categories – strict or liberal. The demeanour of the boss determines how the team conducts itself in her presence or absence. It also impacts the state of mind of the team and how itContinue reading “Strict or Liberal Boss: Which Type is More Effective?”

Two Sure Ways to Prevent Disappointment in Relationships

Do you easily get disappointed in life? Over the years, I have observed in many cases, the cause of disappointment in relationships is usually on account of either expectation or comparison. Or both. Can you avoid it? You only need to resist the lure of expectation and comparison. Let me explain. No Expectation, No CryContinue reading “Two Sure Ways to Prevent Disappointment in Relationships”

When Confidence Masquerades as Competence

How many of us have been in a classroom, gathering or meeting where ideas are sought or the floor is open and amongst the first to speak up usually know little about the subject or have nothing new to add? Irrespective of the quality of content, the confidence of the speaker is never in doubt.Continue reading “When Confidence Masquerades as Competence”

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