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Make Time When You’ve It

How would you react if an astrologer predicted you have less time left to live?  30 years ago, on September 2, 1992, my cousin Funny drowned while immersing Lord Ganesha’s idol in a lake. He was 16 years young. Two of his closest friends drowned too in a bid to save each other. None ofContinue reading “Make Time When You’ve It”

Time to Bust The Myth That Women Can’t…

Ever wondered why we have Superman but not Superwoman?  We’ve grown up hearing, reading, and watching stories about Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. There are other equivalents too in different languages. But all/most are male.  Why? The answer is simple. They are fictitious. The real heroes are women. They don’t wear capes. They don’t scale skyscrapers.Continue reading “Time to Bust The Myth That Women Can’t…”

Why be Judgemental over Trivia During an Interview?

Have you been rejected in an interview because you didn’t shake hands firmly, sat cross-legged, or didn’t speak confidently?  If yes, thank your stars. Any organisation that decides on the basis of these parameters doesn’t deserve you.  Too much importance is ascribed to such factors which don’t merit much.  Body language may matter in jobsContinue reading “Why be Judgemental over Trivia During an Interview?”


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