On Your Marks: Get Set, But Know How To Go

The recently announced Class X and XII results reminded me of my time as a student. Class X was the biggest examination in school. It was also the final school exam before I entered college. My school did not have Class XI and XII. Some of my dearest friends were the best performers in school.Continue reading “On Your Marks: Get Set, But Know How To Go”

What Does It Take To Be A TV News Producer?

While a lot of skills can be acquired on the job, it is the personality traits that are mostly congenital. Either you have them or not. Which is not difficult to find out in the 20 odd minutes chat during the interview. I have been lucky to have made the right choices more often than not. Choices which can make or mar a newsroom.

After Or Before SELF Defines Your Personality

I have, for as long as I can remember, been a keen observer of people. Over the years, it has helped me to understand them better and later in my professional life, try and manage them effectively. I have had the opportunity to lead a team of 300 professionals and interact with different personality types.Continue reading “After Or Before SELF Defines Your Personality”

Short Term Loss, Long Term Gain

Half of 2020 is behind us. As harrowing it may have been, there is always hope that the tables will turn in the other half. After all, nature does find the balance between ups and downs. Given how dismal the first half of the year has been, one can only hope, down the year, thingsContinue reading “Short Term Loss, Long Term Gain”

Organisations WIN when they put PEOPLE FIRST

When employees are happy, companies can leverage the competitive edge arising out of their output and performance. In the last decade, some organisations have recognised the importance of this and have felt the need to have a Chief Happiness Officer. Some companies refer to their CHRO as Chief People Officer with a clear intent of sending the right message. Because when people are happy, impossible is nothing.

Social Makeover for India’s Police

Life after Coronavirus has taken a turn. And so have some professions which have reinvented themselves, sensing an opportunity to alter their archaic image. For instance, the police. The police in India have been viewed in a stereotypical manner for several decades. That perception is slowly changing on account of the efforts by several policeContinue reading “Social Makeover for India’s Police”

Ensuring Life & Business Continuity

The world is grappling with fighting a virus threatening to grip more and more victims every hour. Our homes, our workplace, are all under threat. While families are trying to keep their members safe, companies and other professional organisations are doing everything they can to tide over this unprecedented crisis. The biggest concern for anyContinue reading “Ensuring Life & Business Continuity”

True Test of Leadership

Make yourself redundant. This is the foremost mantra a leader can choose to follow and perhaps the biggest service one can do to one’s organisation. While some may not fully understand why anyone would do this, those who practice this mantra have come to reap huge benefits for their organisation. Those uncomfortable with this approachContinue reading “True Test of Leadership”