When I Quit the Stage & Never Got Back

Ever forgotten your lines on stage in front of a large audience? Have you been embarrassed not being able to recollect even after racking your brain unsuccessfully? When you wished it were a bad dream hoping you will wake up thanking your stars that it did not happen. But you lived the nightmare. And youContinue reading “When I Quit the Stage & Never Got Back”

The Early Morning Call That Shook Me

Ever received an early morning call that shook you? I recollect two. One was when my mother called to say Dad had stopped breathing. I received the other from the father of a dear friend two decades ago. He began with an apology because he called at half past six. I assured him it wasContinue reading “The Early Morning Call That Shook Me”

When Mom Heard That Her Son is Accident-Prone

Ever dealt with astrologers? Do you believe they can foresee your future? I never thought much about it till I had a personal experience. Many years ago, my mother consulted astrologers to check if all was well with her family.  A couple of them mentioned that her son (that’s me) is accident-prone and is likelyContinue reading “When Mom Heard That Her Son is Accident-Prone”

Make Time When You’ve It

How would you react if an astrologer predicted you have less time left to live?  30 years ago, on September 2, 1992, my cousin Funny drowned while immersing Lord Ganesha’s idol in a lake. He was 16 years young. Two of his closest friends drowned too in a bid to save each other. None ofContinue reading “Make Time When You’ve It”

Why You Need your Dil Chahta Hai (DCH) Story

Have you lost your most prized possession during a journey?  21 years ago, my friend Sidharth Patnaik and I left my sister Babita’s house after a delightful dinner cooked by her to catch a cab to Victoria Terminus (now renamed Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus). We were on course to board the Konkan Express train from MumbaiContinue reading “Why You Need your Dil Chahta Hai (DCH) Story”

Do You Laugh When You Are the Butt of a Joke?

Ever written something you enjoyed that was never published? Many years ago, my friend Subrata Ghosh and I collaborated on an article for our school magazine. We imagined an idea that was fun but risky. Over the years, many articles have praised the school and its teachers. Every year, the magazine would publish one suchContinue reading “Do You Laugh When You Are the Butt of a Joke?”

How Your Memory Can Be Memorable For Others?

How good is your memory? If I could make one wish that would turn true, I would wish for good health. If I was granted an extra wish as a bonus, I’d seek a good memory.  I have an average memory. But I’ve memorable experiences with those who forget nothing. Make that almost nothing. JustContinue reading “How Your Memory Can Be Memorable For Others?”

Why You Shouldn’t Live In the Past?

Do you find yourself stuck in the past? You feel your best years and achievements have passed you by. You rewind and replay some of those golden moments frequently. And you keep talking about the past much more than the present.  Nothing wrong with reliving some of the best moments in one’s life, once inContinue reading “Why You Shouldn’t Live In the Past?”

Time to Bust The Myth That Women Can’t…

Ever wondered why we have Superman but not Superwoman?  We’ve grown up hearing, reading, and watching stories about Superman, Batman, Spiderman, etc. There are other equivalents too in different languages. But all/most are male.  Why? The answer is simple. They are fictitious. The real heroes are women. They don’t wear capes. They don’t scale skyscrapers.Continue reading “Time to Bust The Myth That Women Can’t…”

Be On Time: A Lesson I Learnt Early by Being Late

Are you someone who just can’t help being late? I received a hollering of a lifetime, a month into my first job. I have never been screamed at in the same manner at any other time in my professional career. It taught me an invaluable lesson that has helped me ever since – SHOW UPContinue reading “Be On Time: A Lesson I Learnt Early by Being Late”

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