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What if you could gain real-life insights from lived experiences of a writer?


Wouldn’t it be great if you had access to the success and failure stories of others so that you could apply the learnings to make your life better?


Here’s some good news:


I write a weekly blog that will allow you to do just that. Every week I share real-life experiences. Stories that will make you happy, sad, anxious, curious, glad, etc.


Some of the stories are my own, some belong to others whom I have followed closely.


Why Do I Write?

I use my hard-earned knowledge and practical success or failure stories to help those who feel stuck in their career or life.


Even if my writing touches one life, or a larger number are able to benefit from my experiences, for me, it is gratifying and priceless.


I did not have the benefit of learning this way. I stumbled and rebalanced through my life’s journey. But you don’t need to.


Every week you will receive a new story that will be insightful or inspiring. In some weeks, it could be both.



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Your Voice, My Choice

How many of us sit, rewind and review our lives? They say the past is the past. But the learnings of our past IMHO are the most essential to our growth and development. Rajen Garabadu’s blog very carefully curates these themes. His style of slice of life stories both inspire and intrigue. They remind us to be grateful, to be cognisant and to live each moment in a wholesome manner. Read him and you will surely enrich your life.
Girjashanker Vohra
Sound Designer
I have known Rajen for nearly three decades now. But it's only of late that I have really come to know him. I knew he had a sense of sartorial humour and was candid. But that he was such a keen observer of people and had such deep insights was a revelation. What has been even more of a surprise, and I should add here, a very pleasant one at that, is his writing style. I read each of his ''Reflections'' with relish and then look forward to the next one. Between the column I have read and the one that I look forward to are reflections of mine on the insightful behaviours that he writes about. Indeed, it has become a learning journey that has made me ponder over the need for course correction in inter-personal behaviour and discovery of facets of people I have known but whom I am only now getting to discover thanks to Rajen.
Subhro Niyogi
Senior Journalist
Rajen has been my super senior from CNN-News18. The few words that we hardly exchanged over the seven years there, were more about work. But the words that he had silently, consistently saved with him, created a powerful experience in the form of "NUGGETS FROM LIVED EXPERIENCES" - that began as a LinkedIn newsletter I religiously read and share among the like-minded; not because I admire his works as a my senior. But truly, because this man of few words, has poured his heart, soul, research, empathy, mind connections and power into these many words that arrive in my inbox as a weekly piece. Each story, straight like a bullet, no sensational drama, just pure empathy and real life resources. I recently told Rajen, he must craft a book out of these! Now, that this is a full-fledged website, I am really excited because the NUGGETS will reach many more to inspire them. After all, in this life all one needs is some true love and a lots of inspiration to live life and love life. All the best and more power to your words!
Mahima Sharma
Senior Journalist & Digital Media Strategist
"The task is not to see what has never been seen before, but to think what has never been thought before about what you see everyday"
Erwin Schrodinger

This is what Rajen does in his blog. Picks up everyday instances of lived experiences and presents a thought around them that is eye opening. I particularly remember a part of his writing when he mentioned two of his interactions with Mr V Krishnamurthy 4 years apart. And he said how the gentleman remembered his name. Rajen then presented a thought that changed my idea of relationships, he said Mr V Krishnamurthy remembered a young Rajen from a meeting 4 years ago not because Rajen was important or the person had a great memory. Mr Krishnamurthy
remembered Rajen because he cared. I love reading his blogs for such invaluable insights. His interpretation of everyday interactions that can change the way we live life is something all of us can learn from.
Dushyant Mishra
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